IMPORTANT: Please read our updated Centro Medical COVID19 FAQ for details. (Updated March 24, 2021)
If you have a scheduled appointment or surgical procedure, please read the COVID-19 FAQ

For updated information on COVID-19 vaccinations, please check the BCCDC website on COVID-19 vaccination,

the Provincial COVID-19 vaccine FAQ as well as check our COVID-19 FAQ page for further details. 

For all seniors 75+ (born in 1946 and earlier), you can now book for your COVID19 vaccination. 

Please call our office at 604-559-9933 to book your COVID19 vaccination appointment. 

Our staff can help you book your appointment. 

Clinic Email Usage

Please note that we may use email (with your consent) to send out documents to our patients, such as lab requisitions and doctor’s notes, etc.

  Please do not send emails to your physician and/or our front office staff to book appointments, cancel appointments, or to ask medical questions.

Occasionally, your physician, or our front office staff may ask you to send us specific information needed for your appointment, such as photos of skin lesions.

If you have a form to fill out, please call the office to inform the front staff, and you may be asked to

send the form in advance of your appointment so that it is available for your physician at the time of your visit. 

Please call the office directly if you are requesting medical advice, or needing medication refills, or if you need to book/change/cancel an appointment.